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Saturday, June 25, 2016

One reason why people feared a coming ice age

Because it was getting colder.

Tip of the hat and for more see Heller's blog for his take on this, because he is always finding old stories about the past weather and climate. Cold season shows more cooling than warm.  Same for the recent cooling in Illinois.

Monday, December 28, 2015

How tries to deceive you about climate change/global warming

Just saw this website today, an alarmists posted a graph from it, showing how much warmer the US has become.  I looked at a few graphs, which it generates, to show you how much your area has warmed.  Would be a great tool, but it only starts from 1970.  Lets see why.
That looks frightening.  Until you check the actual data, and the adjusted data.

NCDC data
NCDC data source

100 year trend show the real story.  Even when the data was adjusted to cool the past.

NCDC adjusted data

February really shows the problem with trying to frighten people there with "how much warmer it has become".

Looks dangerous, how fast winter night time lows are rising.  Until you look at all the data.

Funny how they start the data at 1970, isn't it?

But summer have warmed there, right?  wxshift certainly tells you so.

Lets see if we can show all the data instead.  The brutal summer warming in Alabama, from wxshift.
And, a bigger look at the data for Alabama.

Even with the data adjusted to cool the warmest period, we can see why wxshift is deceptive.

Real science doesn't try to deceive you, nor would an actual scientific person not show all the relevant information.  Science is about discovering what really is going on, and why.  Not trying to sway you or deceive you. for when you want to try and deceive somebody.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

November 2015

What it actually looks like, temperature anomalies

What they want you to think it looks like

What the recent global trend sort of looks like

Or we could use this

What real data shows the trend to be (US data)

Eastern US




And what you will never see on TV

The global February trend

(because the global warming theory predicts winter will be the season with the most warming)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Milder winters from global warming - the New York Times 2014

From the NY Times FEB. 8, 2014

An ironic piece, due to the snow that came in the winter of 2015.

Note the graphic uses only spring snow to try and persuade.

Here's the graph from the source, the Rutgers snow lab

Here's what they don't talk about.  The winter trend.

And the Fall trend.
The scientific observer might note that the fall of 2014 was the greatest snow extent since Rutgers started keeping records.  

Experience has shown the New York Times won't be reporting that story.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why "xkcd on the Cold Truth About Warming" is wrong

We will proceed in a scientific manner.
Is the xkcd comic true? (reproduced with permission)
Mouse over text: 'You see the same pattern all over. Take Detroit--' 'Hold on. Why do you know all these statistics offhand?' 'Oh, um, no idea. I definitely spend my evenings hanging out with friends, and not curating a REALLY NEAT database of temperature statistics. Because, pshh, who would want to do that, right? Also, snowfall records.'

It's a complicated comic, with multiple claims, and it is used to deflect commentary and concerns by people, who notice when it's really cold. So, is any of it true?

None of the black hatted characters claims are true.  And the source the comic creator used is a biased web site that publishes deceptive "science", and is also wrong on the internet.

Looking at the winter trend for Missouri shows why people complaining about the cold In Missouri (and elsewhere) are not delusional,  While temperature data doesn't show the snow and ice, that data also shows the increase in cold winters.

The Tmin (minimum daily temperature) shows it clearly, colder winters.

Comparing with the Tmax confirms it is a trend

Since trends are sensitive at times to start times, here's the 30 year trend using 2014 as the end date.  (the comic was about Jan 2014)

A 30 year trend is solid evidence for climate trends, 

You can see the areas using the GISS maps, the twent year trend for Jan-Feb makes it obvious.

The trend shows up using Jan-Mar.  

It doesn't just seem like winters are getting colder in some cities, they actually are.  It's why the xkcd comic is wrong.

That's a shame, since I really like his work.